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About Us

Welcome to Humboldt General Hospital.

In this age of healthcare uncertainty, people are looking for a hospital that feels more like a family than a corporate takeover. For over 100 years, Humboldt General Hospital has provided that kind of family environment for the residents of north-central Nevada. Here, people come first, plain and simple. That is the philosophy that has sustained Humboldt General Hospital for the past 100 years; it is the same philosophy that will see us through the coming century.

When you choose Humboldt General Hospital for your care, you can count on:

  • Distinguished hospital. Our fully accredited hospital has received numerous accreditations, designations and awards for high-quality healthcare.
  • Exceptional talent. Our reputation attracts high-caliber providers who are approachable and friendly, a nursing culture exceptional for its highly personalized patient and family care, and leadership with a deeply personal commitment.
  • Benefit to community. We believe we should have an impact on our local residents and community. Within and beyond our hospital walls, we provide education, screenings and access for all, including the underserved.
  • Innovative approach to care. Our patient care staff seeks out the latest treatments and techniques. Twice, Humboldt General Hospital has been named a "Top 10 Innovator" for its innovative pre-hospital and hospital care.