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Project News

February 12, 2013

Humboldt General Hospital hosted the Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce for lunch in the Sarah Winnemucca Conference Room. The plan was to conduct a tour of the nearly completed first phase of the New Patient Wing/Remodel after lunch, but CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish told the 60-plus lunch-goers that the hospital's liability company, the hospital's owner rep and the city's building inspector all said that wasn't a good idea due to the fact that the area is still a construction zone. That being the case, Jim conducted a "virtual tour" of the new patient wing, showing Chamber members the project's eight new patient rooms and a new nursing station. The new wing includes three rooms for intensive care patients. The first phase also includes a nurses lounge and reception area. The new section is scheduled to be complete as of March 4, at which time it will be turned over to the hospital. Hospital personnel will then take two weeks to prepare the rooms for use by March 25. Phase two of the New Patient Wing/Remodel will begin in April and will be complete by August. It will see the construction of seven private patient rooms. Phase three of the project will begin in August and will be complete in early 2014. It will entail a complete remodel of remaining patient rooms, corridors and other areas. HGH Owner Rep Mike Sheppard told the crowd, "When this is finished, we'll have a completely new hospital."