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Vision and Design Principles

Humboldt General Hospital is in the process of adding a new patient wing to its facility. But before the bricks and mortar went up, we worked with architects and engineers not only to meet their design specifications but also to take advantage of the opportunity for an overall cultural change.

We want to do more than just add square footage to the hospital. We want our New Patient Wing/Remodel to represent a shift in our focus-a shift to the patient, to supporting our local residents during their hours of greatest need.

We are looking to help our patients and their guests feel at peace about their experience. And we believe that through good planning and good design, we can ensure that vision becomes a reality.

Our Vision and Design Principles:

  • We will build a modern healthcare facility that provides private, energy efficient and comfortable spaces for our patients and their guests.
  • We will build a facility that promotes wellness to our patients, visitors and staff.
  • We will build a facility whose design is open, warm and appropriate to the region while incorporating a patient-centered layout which promotes the highest quality of customer service.
  • We will build a facility that, on every level, becomes a home away from home for our patients.