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Our Services > EMS Rescue

EMS Rescue

For over 35 years, HGH EMS Rescue has been the exclusive provider of 24-hour emergency medical services across 10,000 square miles in Humboldt County, Nevada; parts of Pershing County and Lander County, Nevada; and the lower portion of the State of Oregon.

In all, HGH EMS Rescue provides advanced life support services to approximately 19,000 residents and responds to about 2,100 calls a year with a fleet of 18 ambulances and two rescue units. Crews fight for life in the harshest of conditions including dense sagebrush, mountainous sand dunes, unpaved roads and weather conditions that can quickly turn sour.

Our staff includes more than 50 paramedics, EMS RNs, advanced emergency medical technicians, and emergency medical technicians who stand ready to help in the event of a medical crisis.

Our commitment to individual dignity and quality is the foundation of our success.

Our Mission

HGH EMS Rescue's mission is simple: To be helpful and care for those in need. Our agency accomplishes this by:

  • Focusing on individual as well as community needs,
  • Working closely with medical staff,
  • Delivering high quality services without discrimination, and
  • Implementing sound financial practices which allow an appropriate balance between current and future needs.

HGH EMS Rescue defines healthcare in terms of wellness, prevention and response to illness and injury. We embrace a leadership position in improving access to healthcare for rural residents by working cooperatively with others to develop and integrate local services, by providing outreach services and by developing sources for services not available locally.

Our commitment to individual dignity and quality is the foundation of our success. We support dignity and quality by being responsive to individual needs, by actively applying knowledge and resources to those needs, and by conducting our business with integrity and professionalism.

Contact Information

In case of emergency, please call 9-1-1

To request non-emergent transport, please call (775) 623-6429

HGH EMS Rescue
118 E. Haskell Street
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445

Main Phone
(775) 623-5222, ext. 1365

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