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Our Services > Wellness > Health Tips > Ditch the Caffeine and Take a Walk


Ditch the Caffeine and Take a Walk Instead

How many of us hit that mid-afternoon slump and immediately run for a fresh cup o’ Joe? Or maybe for you it's a soda or even tea. There’s a better alternative, and this one is easy on the bank account.

If you’re looking to increase your focus, creativity, or just clear your mind—leave your desk and take a walk. It’s that simple.

According to a recent study in Diabetologia medical journal, a 15-minute walk when you start to feel the mid-morning/afternoon fade will give you a jolt of energy to continue on your day. Also, the fresh air and greenery can help to boost your mood. Not bad for something such a simple fix. Goodbye frustration over X project, hello newly refreshed you!

Research shows that the average person spends a great portion of his/her day sitting—50 to 70 percent, in fact. This might not sound like the worst thing you could do health-wise, but there is such a thing as too much sitting. In fact it’s called the “sitting disease” and the numbers show that the longer you sit, the more likely you are to develop diabetes, cancer, obesity, or heart disease. Yikes.

If that’s not enough reason to get moving—an added bonus to taking walks during the work day: improved creativity! While it won’t necessarily turn you into the next Einstein, research shows that people who walk increase their creative thinking by 60 percent.

Also, as long as you're going to trade in your afternoon coffee for an energy-boosting walk around the block, consider your technique. Ideally, this is how you'll look when you're walking:

  • Your head is up. You're looking forward, not at the ground.
  • Your neck, shoulders and back are relaxed, not stiffly upright.
  • You're swinging your arms freely with a slight bend in your elbows. A little pumping with your arms is OK.
  • Your stomach muscles are slightly tightened and your back is straight, not arched forward or backward.
  • You're walking smoothly, rolling your foot from heel to toe.