Public Records Request

Public Records Request

Humboldt General Hospital is committed to providing access to public records in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 239. All public records, with the exception of those that are declared by law to be confidential, are open for inspection or to obtain copies.

Public Records Request Procedure

Requests to inspect and/or obtain copies of public records may be made using Humboldt General Hospital's Public Records Request Form. To submit the form online, please click on the link below:

Public Records Request Form

To download a PDF version of the Public Records Request Form, please click here. You may return the completed form in one of the following ways:

By email at:; by fax at: (775) 623-5904; by mail at: HGH Public Records Request, c/o HGH Administration, 118 E. Haskell Street, Winnemucca, Nevada 89445; or in person at: HGH Admit Desk, 118 E. Haskell Street, Winnemucca.

Alternatively, you may pick up a paper copy of the Public Records Request form at the HGH Admit Desk (118 E. Haskell Street, Winnemucca) and return it via email, mail or in person as outlined above.

You also may request assistance filling out the online form with the help of one of HGH's representatives at the HGH Admit Desk (118 E. Haskell Street, Winnemucca).

General Information

In order to expedite your request for public records, please consider the following:

  • Certain records maintained by Humboldt General Hospital are available online for public viewing and/or downloading including Humboldt County Hospital District Board of Trustees Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Packets from the previous five years as well as the current year.
  • Be specific in your public records request. Provide dates, subjects, and any other necessary identifying information.
  • If necessary, we may ask for clarification so we can expedite your request.
  • Please be sure to include your contact information on the Public Records Request Form, preferably with email, physical mailing address and daytime phone number.
  • Pursuant to NRS 239.0105, within five (5) business days of receiving a request for a public record, Humboldt General Hospital will:
    • Allow the requestor to inspect or copy the record, or
    • Notify the requestor that the office does not possess the information and provide the name and address of the entity that does, if known, or
    • Notify the requestor that the information cannot be available within five (5) business days and provide a date and time after which the record will be available to inspect or copy, or
    • Notify the requestor that the information is confidential and cite the statute or other legal authority to deny the request
  • Fees will be charged in accordance with the fee schedule provided below.

Fee Schedule

1. Fees.

There is a fee for providing a copy of a public record unless there is a specific law or regulation which requires the record copy to be provided without charge. Unless the fee that must be charged is set by specific law or regulation, the fee is the actual cost to provide the record, which includes the personnel time to retrieve, inspect and prepare the record copy. All fees imposed will be invoiced detailing costs including personnel time, number of copies, and postage.

2. Cost Estimates.

When the estimated cost to provide a record exceeds $10.00, the requestor will be notified in writing and required to remit full payment of the estimated cost before further processing of the request.

3. Personnel Time.

Pursuant to NRS 239.055, a fee may be charged for extraordinary staff time for processing, researching, copying, or legal/technical review. “Extraordinary staff time” is defined as any time over 30 minutes required to retrieve, inspect, and/or redact the record. See Op.Nev.Atty.Gen. No. 2002-32 (August 27, 2002). Staff time will be charged at the rate of the personnel qualified to provide or prepare the requested information. The fees for extraordinary staff time are in addition to any fee authorized by law.

The staff time charges are generally in the following ranges:

$20 and more per hour for administrative support personnel.

$30 and more per hour for administrative personnel.

$40 and more per hour for administrators and department heads.

4. Copying and scanning fees.

Any document (black & white or color), 8 1/2” x 11”, up to ten (10) pages: $5.00

Any document (black & white or color), 8 1/2” x 11”, 11 pages or more: $0.50 per page

Any document (black & white or color), 8 1/2" x 14" to 11" x 17", page copy: $1.00 per page

Any document (black & white or color) larger than 17" x 20", page copy: $5.00 per page

Scanned/electronic document, up to ten (10) pages: $5.00

Scanned/electronic document, 11 pages or more: $0.50 per page

Electronic scanning to CD or other electronic media: $5 per CD or electronic media device

Notarized document: $2.50 per notarized document, per NRS 240.100

5. Transcribed record fees.

The fee for a transcript of a proceeding transcribed by a certified court reporter shall be equal in amount to the fee per page charged by the court reporter for the copy of the transcript plus the actual cost of the medium in which the copy of the transcript is provided.

6. Postage.

All shipping will be USPS certified mail, return receipt unless the requestor requests that the Hospital use a requestor’s personal or business account with another delivery service, such as FedEx, UPS, etc., to pay for shipping.

7. Payment.

Full payment of estimated fees is required before any record will be provided. If the final cost is less than estimated, the requestor will be refunded the difference; if the final cost is more than estimated, the requester must pay the additional cost before the record will be provided.

Payment may be made by cash or check (payable to Humboldt General Hospital).