I am honored to be Humboldt General Hospital’s new Chief Executive Officer. I have been touched and impressed by the dedication of the hospital’s physicians, caregivers and support staff, and I’m proud to work alongside such compassionate and committed individuals.

We might not have had the chance to meet yet, but if I had to describe myself in two words, they would be “problem solver.”

Every organization—even the very good ones—have opportunities to improve. During my many years in hospital administration, I’ve seen two kinds of problem solvers: those who spend the majority of their time fixing the problem and those who spend the majority of their time fixing the process.

I definitely am a process guy. Based on what I’ve heard already from our community, we’ve had some problems in this organization, especially with regard to our Business Office and billing, but instead of simply “fixing” each individual issue, I have begun to address the process and get to a place where we can anticipate problems rather than react to them.

And it’s not just me: I’m asking every person affiliated with HGH to do the same. Our entire organization will be about developing better processes for fixing problems and improving our “products.”

As we work toward this higher and nobler practice, I’d like to ask for your help with a few things.

  • If you need to call the Business Office with questions or concerns, please share the approximate date of care with our HGH representative; this will help to quickly identify which system we will be working in to resolve the issues (pre- or post-November 2019).
  • If you do not receive complete resolution to your issues, please immediately ask for escalation to our Business Office team leaders. Leadership may not be immediately available to process your issues; however, a team leader will reach out within 24 hours of your initial request.
  • If our call volume causes extended delays in your ability to speak with someone in the Business Office and you cannot hold, please leave a message, or please email mangrumd@hghospital.org and your issues will be addressed within 24 hours of your initial request.

I also invite you to visit our Patient Portal at www. hghospital.iqhealth.com. Quality care begins with accurate healthcare information for you and your family. Through the portal, you can pay your bill; securely access your medical records; schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments; message your care team about prescriptions, procedures and more; and view your lab or imaging results. And you can do all of that 24/7—simply, accurately and securely.

One mark of a world-class organization is that operations flow smoothly, and people put more time and energy into making improvements rather than reacting to problems.

That’s where I’m hoping to take this organization, and I invite you along for the journey.

If I can be of assistance in any way, please don’t hesitate to call my cell: (208) 490-4256. Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Tim L. Powers, C.P.A.

Chief Executive Officer

Humboldt General Hospital