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Family medicine residency program


The official name is the Family Medicine Rural Residency Program, Department of Family and Community Medicine, UNLV School of Medicine. The program has been accredited by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME): University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Medicine Rural Program 1203100700 Specialty Family Medicine. Accordingly, the program follows a prescribed curriculum and standards to educate Family Medicine Resident Physicians.


Residents in the program follow a three-year schedule. Resident Physicians spend their first year in Las Vegas and their second and third years at Humboldt General Hospital, which is located in rural north-central Nevada, halfway between Salt Lake City, Utah, and San Francisco, California. Once Resident Physicians graduate from the Family Medicine Rural Residency Program and pass the Board Certification Exam, they may practice on their own as licensed physicians.


The Family Medicine Rural Residency Program provides many benefits to Humboldt General Hospital and to the entire community. With the opening of the Family Medicine Residency Clinic, access to healthcare in our community has increased. Additionally, academic standards at our hospital have increased, and there are even more practice choices available as a result.


Dr. Lacy Fettic is the Family Medicine Rural Residency Program Site Director here at HGH. Dr. Elissa J. Palmer is Chair of the UNLV School of Medicine Department of Community Medicine and the Family Medicine Rural Residency Program. Dr. Aron Rogers is the Family Medicine Rural Residency Program Director in Las Vegas. Other faculty in Winnemucca include Robert Westling, MD; Robbie Grant, DO; as well as Humboldt General Hospital's Hospitalist and Emergency Department physicians, Orthopedists, Radiologist, and Surgeons.


Humboldt General Hospital offers 24-hour emergency care, a Walk-In Clinic, a full staff of providers, in-patient physicians, full imaging services, a full-service laboratory, a full suite of surgical services, a mother and baby unit, a five-star nursing home and memory care unit, Advanced Life Support EMS including HGH AirOne air ambulance, an orthopedic clinic, and telemedicine services.

Residency clinic

As part of their training, Resident Physicians practice at the Family Medicine Residency Clinic located in Winnemucca. Resident Physicians see patients under the supervision of an attending physician. The clinic offers the same well-known personal care patients have come to expect from HGH, with the convenience of appointment and/or walk-in visits. Care is available from pre-natal to end of life.

If you are a prospective Physician Resident and would like more information on the UNLV School of Medicine Family Medicine Rural Residency Program, please visit