Pathway to Excellence

We learned yesterday that our nursing staff is working toward a special designation called the "Pathway to Excellence." It's the premier patient care distinction for a hospital our size. These kinds of distinctions can take a lot of work and a lot of dedication to achieve. And in the end, it earns us the right to place a little logo saying that we are "Pathway Designated." A little logo doesn't seem like a big enough reward for all that this will entail. But truly, it will be spectacular. Not because of a little design, but because that design will speak to who we are, who we always want to be: the people who offer our friends and neighbors a truly exceptional care experience. Kudos to the nursing staff for starting down this tough, but worthwhile, road. You join others in our organization, including radiology, ambulance, cardiac rehab, SNF and others, who have walked similar paths and achieved success. Perhaps that's why our staff continues to work harder, higher, better, faster because we are already on the "Pathway to Excellence." Still, the little logo will be cool.