Donation Fun

It's always fun when Humboldt General Hospital makes a donation to one of our great community causes, but Friday's donation to the Frontier Community Coalition was extra special. The Frontier Community Coalition's mission is to prevent or reduce alcohol and substance abuse and other problem behaviors in the Humboldt, Lander and Pershing county communities. Most of the coalition funding is grant-based, but because the group's needs are increasing while grant funds are decreasing, two of the group's board members, Sandy Curutchet and Jane Ripley, asked the hospital for a donation to help underwrite their second annual Louie Peraldo Memorial Golf Tournament on August 17, 2013. Louie was the former chairman of the coalition and was also the chairman of the Juvenile Advisory Board for 40 years. When Sandy initially called us, she simply asked for any kind of donation, from money to a product for the group's silent auction or raffle. When she mentioned that the coalition was looking to help fund a luncheon associated with the golf tournament, we offered $500. But then, in a conversation with our CEO Jim Parrish later, he wondered aloud if that was enough to really fund a luncheon. We went back and asked Sandy and she revealed that actually it wasn't. The group needed $1,000, but she quickly said they were extremely pleased with the $500 donation. Well, we went ahead and cut the check for $1,000 and then, during a photo op on Friday, Jim teased and joked his way to presenting the extra money, which was quickly followed by tears and hugs from the women after they realized their whole luncheon would be taken care of. It was really a fun, special moment. During the conversation, this small group (hospital and coalition) realized how much we really have in common in terms of wanting to support our local youth and curb the spread of underage drinking, substance abuse, venereal diseases, health-related issues and more. We make a great partnership and we're excited to continue to work with the coalition in the future to support a healthy community.