The Hope Tree

Humboldt General Hospital saw an opportunity that it just couldn't pass by recently. The Frontier Community Action Agency has been working to launch a grief network to help children and their families cope with the loss of a loved one. But the "Hope Tree" comes with a $5,000 price tag, and even with the generous support of community residents, that amount of funding has been daunting. Last March, the hospital happily donated $1,000 to strengthen the program's mission of promoting healing and recovery for grieving children, teens and their families who are affected by loss. But just recently, we found out that the program was still lacking the last bit of needed funding, so another check is in the mail. Kudos to Alaine Kliewer-Nye, the Humboldt Program Coordinator for the Frontier Community Action Agency, for putting this program together. It's going to provide volunteer training, a lending library, Spanish language services, family consultation, counseling, community outreach, grief workshops, a grief camp and a children's bereavement network. As Alaine told us, it's all about offering youth renewed hope. We love that.