K-9 Vests for Our Community Protectors

October 23, the Nevada Highway Patrol’s drug interdiction K-9 was injured in a shootout on Interstate 80. Gripper was in his kennel in the back of Trooper Tim Raabe’s patrol vehicle when the shooting began. He was hit with multiple pieces of shrapnel, including one piece that is still lodged in his body. Thankfully, the 5-year-old Belgian Malinois is back on the job following his recovery. But the incident brought home how vulnerable those dogs are. When HGH heard about Gripper and his lack of protection, we had to do something. Tuesday, December 3, Humboldt General Hospital presented the NHP’s Gripper, Zyla and Boots from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, and Duchess from the Winnemucca Police Department with canine bullet proof vests. At a cost of $1,200 each, the vests don’t come cheap; however, CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish said the hospital has a duty and obligation to protect its protectors. “We need a strong law enforcement presence from the city, county and state,” Jim told a small group of officers from the three agencies. “I have several hundred people here every day that are at risk, and we are so appreciative of all you do to help protect the hospital.” All four dogs are trained to identify marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy—and they can do it anywhere, even in a very large crowd. Additionally, Duchess is a trained community protector. We're so happy our four-legged friends are on the street—and in appropriate protective gear.