Nearly 1,000 Flu Shots!

Last Thursday, HGH's nurses and EMS crews gave 945 flu vaccinations in four hours! Our crews were amazing and we want to thank everyone who made the emergency flu clinic such a success. The remaining flu vaccines are at the office of the Community Health Nurse, located at the corner of Haskell and Mizpah streets, at the base of the hospital campus. If you missed yesterday's clinic, please go there to get your free flu vaccination. Also, children age 8 and under who received a flu shot for the first time yesterday need to have a follow-up shot in 30 days. That also goes for children age 6-36 months, regardless of whether they have had a flu shot before. They will need to get a second shot in 30 days. Remember, H1N1 is the predominant flu strain this season and this shot covers that along with three other flu strains. Get vaccinated as soon as possible. Flu season will peak in February and it's going to take about two weeks for your flu shot to kick in, so you need to be ready. Our photo: These four youth got their flu shots Thursday. From left to right are Yoana Chavez, Alma Rosas, Ricardo Diaz and Miguel Rosas. Great job!