A Cross-Country Journey

Earlier this month, two of our EMS professionals flew to Florida to pick up two ambulances that were being built at a factory there. They then drove them nearly 3,000 miles across country back to Winnemucca. Perhaps you've seen one of HGH's long-hauler ambulances. They are significantly longer than a normal ambulance. And inside, it's just an EMS wonderland. They're essentially an emergency room on wheels, with all the life-saving bells and whistles that any patient could need on a 160-mile trip to Reno, Nevada. Well, our two EMS staff members said it was pretty exciting bringing those ambulances home. The fun began at the factory which, by the way, also manufactures fire engines. They said that firemen and other ambulance professionals wanted to know more about HGH EMS Rescue's ambulances; they had never seen a vehicle that large. What's more, they were fascinated when told about our service area (10,000 square miles of rugged high desert across three counties and two states). One of the firemen told our staff member that in five minutes his fire station could have backup from numerous other stations. Not so here; the sheer distance we deal with means we have to be amazingly self-sufficient and capable. As the two drove those ambulances all the way from Florida to Nevada, they had experience after experience where they were questioned about that long-hauler ambulance, where it was headed and why it was needed. Some folks, including a woman in Park City, Utah, probably won't be thinking the same way about what she first considered as "podunk" Winnemucca, Nevada. We are proud of our EMS fleet. It is impressive, and when we see one of those long-hauler ambulances cruising down the highway it gives a thrill. What's more thrilling, though, are the folks in the ambulance. We appreciate all the fine trappings that surround our EMS system, but when it comes down to it, it's one person helping another in the best way he or she can. That's the real reason behind the fancy ambulances.