Every 15 Minutes

On April 22-23, HGH EMS Rescue will roll out a much-anticipated anti-alcohol program at Lowry High School. "Every 15 Minutes" is a two-day program which demonstrates to high school students the impact drinking and driving have on themselves, their families, friends and the community. The program is highlighted by a simulated traffic collision near the high school involving an impaired teenage driver and a fatally injured victim. The program was set to kick off in April 2012. However, the death of a Lowry High School student the weekend before the program was to begin brought the programming to a halt. EMS said they would wait for a more appropriate time to make the presentation. And now it's almost time again and there's a flurry of activity as our crews prepare for what they hope will be the impact of a lifetime. We want to thank them for taking on this program . . . and it's huge workload. They didn't have to do it; but they chose to because they want to help our youth choose to be safe. Great job, EMS, and good luck with this year's presentation.