Handwashing 101

Last Friday, a team of 10 nurses, paramedics and EMTs spent about an hour at Winnemucca Grammar School teaching over 400 students how to properly wash their hands. The outreach opportunity sprang from a conversation that HGH Emergency Department/Inpatient Services Nurse Manager Jacqueline Dalley had with her girls over the dinner table about the importance of washing hands to avoid the spread of germs. From there, Jacqueline brought the idea to her co-workers, we secured permission from the school district, and finally we opted to begin with WGS where Principal Dorene Kitras not only gave her OK, but went to great lengths to ensure that our team was welcome and had adequate time to visit each classroom. Our time with those little students was precious. We asked our team to wear their uniforms (scrubs, etc.) to further promote an air of professionalism and the students were awed. We also shared some silly goodies with them . . . HGH sunglasses, jump ropes, lip balm, hand sanitizers, pedometers, etc. . . pretty much a mix of what we had on hand. But they loved those too and the school photographer was licking her lips at the prospect of taking pictures at recess with all those sunglass-wearing kids. Sharing a visit with one of our community schools was special and we want to thank our HGH team for taking time out of their busy schedules to make the trip. After and since, we have received many thank yous from the staff at WGS. "That was just super," said one first-grade teacher. "The kids loved it and I loved it even more." We'll look forward to sharing more of those opportunities in the future with WGS and other schools and groups throughout Humboldt County. Thanks again to our volunteers including Rachel Bourbon, Michel Carden, Rita Clement, Jacqueline Dalley, Regina Gatlin, Bertha Higbee, Echo Mathews, Sheri Park, Debbie Whittaker and Ken Whittaker. We appreciate all of you!