Our Great Dietary Staff

You know the old stereotype about hospital food? Well, it's not true at HGH. The food here is great! Even better, though, are the people behind the food. Rick McComb, our new HGH Employee Committee President, sent out an email last week asking staff members to sign a thank you card in our dining room, the Corner Café, for our food service staff. He wrote, "Feel free to write on it and thank them for all they do." What a kind gesture, and what a worthy one, too. Our dietary staff, including our registered dietitians, works behind the scenes at nearly every event at the hospital, from providing cookies at meetings to full-blown meals for dozens, like the one on Tuesday, February 12, when the hospital hosts the Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce for lunch. Plus, there's a stunning array of food that's available from breakfast through dinner each day in the Café. And the food is always served with a smile, a small but significant contribution to what can otherwise seem like just another overwhelming day. Thanks to dietary for their great contribution to HGH. If you want to see this week's delicious offerings in the Café, go to "What's New" on the home page and click on the "dining room menu" link.