The Night Shift

One of our patients recently commented on her excellent care while at HGH, but she made a special point to reach out to the nurses on night shift, noting how difficult it would be to work those kinds of hours and still be at the top of your game. And according to her, our nurses were at the top of their game. "They were unbelievable," she said. "Their care was amazing, especially for it being during the middle of the night." Working the night shift at any job cannot be easy; patient care in the wee hours of the night would be especially taxing, but we're glad our patient shared her enthusiasm for these special night nightingales. And we certainly don't want to simply recognize the nursing staff; we know that lab, radiology, respiratory, housekeeping, surgery, our clerical staff, our physicians and more all pull their own late hours and are equally amazing. Kudos to all of you. We are grateful.