HGH Community Wellness Program Shares 2013 Plans

Humboldt General Hospital's Community Wellness Program will offer some informative, and even life-changing, services during 2013.

According to HGH Wellness Coordinator Louis Mendiola, the hospital will invest in the health and wellness of community members over the coming months on a grand scale.

"We want to help our residents make good, better and hopefully best decisions that will positively impact their health and wellness," said Mendiola.

At the heart of HGH's wellness efforts are its "Healthy Year, Healthy You" seminars. The monthly get-togethers are held from noon to 1 p.m. the third Thursday of each month in the hospital's Sonoma Conference Room.

The seminars, which have become a cornerstone of the hospital's Wellness Program, feature a different health topic each month. Mendiola facilitates along with health and medical experts from a wide array of backgrounds who share information and answer questions. Lunch is served and there is no charge to attend.

In March, the hospital will team up with the Winnemucca Host Lions club to host the annual Community Health Fair at the East Hall of the Winnemucca Convention Center. The entire community will receive free screenings for pulmonary function, blood pressure, body fat and vision. In addition, blood work will be available, including a basic chem. panel for $25; a comprehensive chem. panel (including a complete lipid profile) for $35; a PSA test for men for $20; and a TSH test for women (a thyroid gland activity screen) for $20.

The fair will also feature a number of health displays and events that will help residents understand how they can improve their health.

Throughout the coming year, HGH's Wellness and Radiology departments will continue to offer locals competitively priced body composition testing using the hospital's DXA machine.

"Scales and typical body measurements are often misleading and do not reveal a person's true health status," said Mendiola, "so individuals who want to diet, or who are enrolled in an exercise program are strongly urged to have a DXA scan."

The scan only takes six minutes to complete, yet it provides comprehensive feedback on an individual's percentage of body fat, muscle and other indicators of body composition. These exams do not require a prescription, are safe, and can easily be scheduled by calling the HGH Radiology Department at (775) 623-5222, ext. 133.

One of the hospital's newest programs is one of its most popular. The Diabetes Support Group is held from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month in the hospital's Sonoma Conference Room.

Each month, Community Wellness Coordinator Louis Mendiola and Director of Dietary/Nutrition Services Tiffani Nalivka facilitate a casual group discussion on diabetes. Locals with diabetes, and those impacted by this deadly disease, share stories and offer encouragement to others trying to live with and manage diabetes.

For more information of on any of the services and programs offered through Humboldt General Hospital's Community Wellness Program, please contact HGH Wellness Coordinator Louis Mendiola at (775) 623-5222, ext.258, or email at lmendiola@hghospital.ws.