Humboldt General Hospital Honors Top Employees

Debbie Ames says she was overcome with emotion when she learned she was Humboldt General Hospital's 2012 "Employee of the Year."

"I wanted to cry because it made me feel very proud to know that I have done a great job," she said.

Ames is a representative with the hospital's newest department: Patient Access to Healthcare. In her new capacity, she helps patients with estimated costs, insurance coverage, Medicare and Medicaid, and any other qualifying funding programs.

She also helps patients complete applications, discuss current bills, payment plans, and simply act as a patient advocate.

Ames will celebrate her third anniversary with HGH in May. She says it's been a time of learning, and enjoying her ability to help the public.

"I love the people that I work with," she said. "I have a great group of people that point me in the right direction. I also love to work with the public, and helping people is what I love to do."

Ames continued, "The more I learn, the better I can do my job, so I'm excited to broaden my horizons. I always want to know if there is anything I can do better to help people out."

Humboldt General Hospital EMS Rescue Paramedic Rick Bell said he was honored to be named the 2012 "EMT of the Year."

"I hope this award has to do with patient care as that's what I really want to be good at," said Bell. "Everything else is secondary to that; that's why I became a paramedic."

Humboldt General Hospital EMS Rescue currently provides operational and managerial oversight to Battle Mountain's ambulance service under the Northern Nevada EMS Consortium.

Bell is the consortium's Lander County EMS Commander; he also serves as the Lander County EMS Coordinator for Battle Mountain General Hospital—an exciting role that has allowed him to help Battle Mountain begin operating at the Advanced Life Support Level, a step above their previous Intermediate Life Support Level.

But that's just the beginning as Bell continues to help Battle Mountain reach its full potential.

"Lander County EMS has been an exciting challenge," he said. "We hope to launch Community Paramedicine this year; we also want to launch an EMT-A course after we receive state authorization."

Bell has worked with HGH EMS Rescue as a line medic since June 2001. He also serves as the organization's bio med tech and has responsibility for all maintenance on ambulances and equipment.

"My favorite thing about working at HGH is the opportunity of being on the cutting edge of new skills and innovations," he said.

The hospital's continuing commitment to provide medics with the latest equipment and technology has proven invaluable, said Bell.

"I have had the opportunity to watch that growth and become a part of it," he said. "It is very exciting for a medic."

HGH Housekeeping Supervisor Yolanda Calderon was honored as the 2012 "Supervisor of the Year."

Calderon, who has worked at the hospital for nearly 17 years, said she was very surprised by her award—but also pleased.

"I love the people I work with," she said, "and I love our nice new hospital."

Calderon, who plans to remain at HGH until her retirement, said she wanted to thank hospital administrators for choosing her as the 2012 recipient.

"It was a great honor," she said.

HGH CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish said the honor for him and other staff members at the hospital is to be able to work alongside fine employees like Calderon, Bell and Ames.

"These are steady, thoughtful people who are all about helping in whatever ways they can," said Parrish. "We all appreciate these three so much; they have made Humboldt General Hospital a better place through their dedicated service."

Ames, Bell and Calderon each received a plaque and a check for $500 during the hospital's annual Christmas banquet. They also will enjoy special parking privileges for the coming year and their photo in a special wall display located in the hospital.

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