Sad Little Christmas Tree

If any of you walked through the HGH lobby area over the holiday season, you probably saw our sad little Christmas tree. Even in its heyday it wasn't anything to shout about, but after several years of being the centerpoint of our Christmas spirit, the poor thing just died. Half its lights were gone, its branches twisted in unnatural ways and, once the "ornaments" for our "Abundant Tree Gift Giving Program" for area foster children were gone (thank you, generous community members) it just didn't give off that beautiful spirit we were hoping for. Thank goodness for our wonderful hospital auxiliary. Those ladies and gentlemen recognized our plight and asked if they could donate some money toward a beautiful new tree that will grace our lobby area next season. We were thrilled, and with Radiology Manager's Pam Wickkiser's buying saavy, we should have a more festive and cheery welcome for our patients. We love the Humboldt Hospital Auxiliary! They are not only generous to a fault, but always seem to be aware of what our latest needs are . . . without our even asking.