More Kudos

We found this little gem from a few months back. A kind visitor to our community took the time to share his thoughts about the ER via our website comment system. Check it out: "Not so much a question as a thank you and accolades for your Emergency Room staff. Wanted to put this thank you in the local newspaper, but could not find an email address for them. My wife fell down some steps. The ambulance was called and the EMTs and the police officer were very proficient, secured her on a back board, and transported her to your facility. I was escorted by the police officer there, and arrived before the ambulance. The girl on the admissions desk was very kind and efficient in getting all the paperwork done. When the ambulance arrived I was allowed into the emergency room and was blown away by the caring, kind, concerned service my wife received. We have a home in Sheridan, WY, and one in Vacaville, CA, and have experienced both place's emergency rooms, but I have to say as good as they are they do not hold a candle to your professionalism and kindness. Thank the Lord and you all for taking such good care of my wife." Great job to our fabulous HGH staff members!