Our Biggest "Physicals" Day Ever!

Saturday was our fifth annual Free Sports Physicals day, and our biggest one so far. We saw 135 kids, ranging in age from middle school to high school. Dr. John Whittaker graciously helped out for a few hours, and Dr. Leonard Perkinson stayed on for all five hours, never stopping once, except for a very brief (and well-deserved) cookie break! Thanks to everyone who made this all possible, including Louis Mendiola, Fergus Laughridge, Kevin Grannis, Alma Jimenez, Emily Goldman, Charles Paddock, Brittany Phillips, Alan Stroeve, John Foster, Dillon Angus and Gricelda Soto in Dr. Perkinson's office, Tyler Ramirez at the admit desk and Cayla Hill and Trace Hawkins in the Walk-In. It was a great day!