Pharmacy Kudos

On June 10, when Humboldt County suffered its largest mass casualty incident to date, it was certainly expected that clinical personnel like nurses, doctors, paramedics, etc. would respond to the hospital en mass looking to see if they could be of service. But a pharmacy tech? You bet! That's exactly what HGH Pharmacy Tech Tessa Schmittel did. HGH Pharmacy Director Dave Simsek recently pointed out that Tessa not only called him to check in during the MCI, but she then offered to return to HGH to help meet the needs of our patients. Dave said, "I want to recognize Tessa for her self-initiated activities on behalf of HGH and the pharmacy. For HGH to have a pharmacy tech that has the foresight and responsibility to self-initiate a return to the hospital with me was most helpful and I want to formally recognize her for this. Thank you, Tessa, for demonstrating responsibility above and beyond the call of your regular job description." Nice! What a great example.