Relay for Life Thanks

It was about 104 degrees in the shade this past weekend. But that didn't deter Makenna Powell, Maria Flores and a few others from representing Humboldt General Hospital at the annual Relay for Life event at Lowry High School. HGH is the main sponsor of a different cancer funding organization: The LaRena Smith Bengoa Run, Ride or Walk for the Cure, which is held each year the Saturday before Mother's Day. LaRena's Race distributes all its donations to cancer victims in our own community and for that reason, we love funding their activities. Relay for Life, on the other hand, is geared toward cancer research which, of course, is a great cause, too. So this year, HGH CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish thought it was important for HGH to be represented at the Relay for Life event. Not only did HGH donate $1,000 to the event, but Makenna and Maria went to great lengths to put together a team. We just want to express our appreciation to those ladies for going above and beyond on behalf of HGH. We really appreciate their community-minded efforts! Thanks also to HGH Employee Committee President Rick McComb for his support as well. Together, we all make a pretty good team.