A Little Help From Our Friends

There's a great song by the Beatles that says, "I'll get by with a little help from my friends." Truly, that could have been HGH's anthem on Monday, June 10, in the aftermath of this county's largest mass casualty incident. As last week unrolled and we began checking who did what and what happened where, we were stunned and pleased at how many people, agencies and organizations quietly went about doing good, helping us "get by with a little help from our friends." Newmont Mine Rescue and Grass Valley Fire had the foresight to see that ambulances bringing patients into the ER on Monday night would be filthy and ill-prepared to head back out to the MCI scene on Interstate 80 or other 9-1-1 scenes without some help getting cleaned up and restocked. And so they came, and they helped. We had a small army of youth volunteers who were also on hand for that ambulance cleanup too, taking as their reward for many, many hours of dirty, grueling labor a few slices of pizza. What about the agency (we think) that showed up at the ER on Monday with bags filled with sandwiches. We're still trying to track down who that was, but what a blessing! There were some police department officers who cleared a path for ambulances by putting out cones and making a safe passage. We even heard that some local citizens jumped in to help with that effort. Thank you, friends. When the call went out for the Humboldt County water truck to help quell the unbelievable dust at the scene, others responded as well including Humboldt Readymix, Sheppard Construction, Redcor, and Hunewill. You're wonderful. And the list, which will probably never be complete, goes on. Thank you, thank you to all our friends in this community who responded in such kind and appropriate ways. You transformed what could have simply been a horrible night into a model of community cooperation showing that we all get by better "with a little help from our friends."