HGHEC the Real Winner

Last month, Humboldt General Hospital's Employee Committee gave away two scholarships to graduating seniors. Scholarship winners Anna Davis and Whitney Waller were each awarded $1,000 to use toward their college education. It was a landmark moment for the HGHEC. That committee has never reached out to the community in like manner before. But things have changed. Committee president Rick McComb told the crowd assembled at the May 16 Scholarship Night that "over the past six months HGH's EC has chosen to revamp its central mission and make itself a pillar of our community . . . by helping aspiring youngsters find successful careers in the health care field." The scholarship funds were a mix of generous donations from Humboldt General's employees via fundraising activities as well as support from Humboldt General Hospital. We are so proud of the efforts that produced those two scholarships, and that will continue to produce scholarships in the future. We love the HGHEC's new mission, and we're excited to see what other new and wonderful projects this committee comes up with in the future!