The Huggys are Coming!

Any little person who's been in the Emergency Department has met one of HGH's best ambassadors: Huggy the Heart. Huggy is HGH's mascot. He's a five-foot-wide heart with bright, sparkly eyes and a wide smile. And thanks to a very talented company, we've had a ready supply of small Huggys to distribute to wee sick ones in the ER . . . until recently. And now we've been in a Huggy famine. It's been awful--truly. But that's about to end. Our original shipment of Huggys arrived in 2008, very literally on a slow boat from China. We had worked with a New York company to get them made and 1,000 of them lasted until just recently. But we wanted to do business in the U.S., if possible, so we contracted with the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, and they reproduced our Huggy perfectly. Now, another 1,000 of them will be on their way shortly. We're pretty excited, and we know the ER will be, too. It's no fun being a kid and being sick or hurt, and our bright little guy really helps kids feel better fast. Some day, we hope that Huggy will be a household icon in Winnemucca, but for now, we're content if he can exchange a few tears for smiles in the ER. So hang on little ones, the Huggys are coming!