What Any Mom Would Do

One of our favorite stories coming out of the June 10 mass pileup on Interstate 80 came from Michel Carden, an RN in the ER who took the lead in caring for dozens of patients that night, several of them in critical condition. Michel was just getting ready to leave following a 12-hour shift when the call came in. She stayed on as incident commander and worked through until midnight when her co-workers finally convinced her it was time to go home following 19 hours on the floor. But before she left, Michel had one last patient to care for: a young man who, due to the accident, was without a car, money, food or a place to stay. His mother called the ER around midnight. She was frantic and emotional. She was on her way to Winnemucca from California, but was only in Reno and was exhausted. Michel convinced her to stay in Reno for the night and assured the woman that she would care for her son. And she did. She made sure he was fed and housed in an empty patient room where he could shower and sleep for the night. Michel said: "I'm a mom and we did what I hope someone would do for one of my children if they needed help." HGH Chief Nursing Officer Darlene Bryan added, "You hear a lot of comments about how great this community is, and Monday night we saw it in action." We really did. Thanks for the great example, Michel.