Where to Begin?

Where do we begin to describe what yesterday was like? In all of HGH's history, we have never had an MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) that came close to what we experienced yesterday when 27 vehicles piled up three miles outside of Winnemucca. We train, we study, we purchase equipment, we train more and discuss and write manuals . . . and then the worst-case scenario happens and everybody responds just like they should. We should consider it a miracle, but it's not: it's the result of being prepared! Like one of our paramedics said, "I've talked to people and they said this county couldn't handle this stuff, but we are prepared. I was really proud that this little county could go after something like this." And it wasn't just HGH. This was a joint effort with the highway patrol, the sheriff's office, the police department, city and rural fire, the department of wildlife, the department of transportation, Battle Mountain fire, Grass Valley fire and area mine rescue teams.Plus, our entire hospital staff was amazing . . . especially the ER. And there were plenty of volunteers, too, who were on hand to help wash ambulances and get them ready to get back in service. We're so sad that one person lost his life in this incident, but so grateful that more were not victims. Considering what we saw out there, that is the true miracle.