Community Health Fair

This Saturday is a one-of-a-kind health event in Humboldt County, and it's largely free. From 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday, March 16, HGH will partner with the Winnemucca Host Lions Club to present the Community Health Fair at the East Hall, Winnemucca Convention Center. If you come and partake of the free screenings and low-cost blood tests, you will leave having a pretty good sense of your present health status. Really. Here's what we'll offer: Free screenings for pulmonary function, blood pressure, body fat and vision. In addition, blood work will be available, including: a basic chem. panel for $25; a comprehensive chem. panel (including a complete lipid profile) for $35; a PSA test for men for $20; and a TSH test for women (a thyroid gland activity screen) for $20. Please fast for 8 hours; water, coffee and meds are OK. Plus, the health fair will include information from a variety of different health-related groups and organizations in our region. It's a must-attend. If you go, just keep in mind that the line for blood tests is long in the beginning, until about 9 a.m. So, if you want to whiz through, sleep in and come then. But if you don't mind waiting a bit, we have a "pick a number" system, so when you register, we give you a number and you are free to walk around and visit the booths, get your free screenings, and when your number comes up, we'll call you to the blood draw area. We try to make it as simple and fun as possible so you'll come--because it's so important to know your numbers, like cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat, BMI, etc. And we offer a nice, complimentary continental breakfast. We'll be glad to see you Saturday.