Forward Thinkers

We want to brag a little about our IT Department. Everyone around here remembers the week of February 11. That's when AT&T's phone and internet services were interrupted in northern Nevada for a day or more. For the majority of residents, it was tough sledding those days; perhaps we didn't realize how dependent we had become on those services. At Humboldt General Hospital, though, it was just a sea of calm . . . no interruptions, no downed services, not a glitch. On February 12, Humboldt General was hosting the Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce for lunch. Of course, the internet outage was a main topic and eventually, as CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish was answering questions from the audience, someone asked, "What about HGH? What happens when the internet goes down?" Jim simply shrugged and said, "Nothing." It was a priceless moment; there were actually some visible jaw-drops. The deal is that HGH already has a fiber optics cable internet link, 100 megabytes per second all the way to Reno. Plus, an upgraded electrical and computer wiring system has been installed in the new patient wing, currently under construction. Jim spoke the truth: there are no cyber worries on campus. Mike Bell and Rick McComb have got us covered. Those two are a couple of forward thinkers and we are all the beneficiaries. Great job, guys. We appreciate what you do.