Gathering the Team

The HGH supervisory staff had an evening meeting last week. The Review of Services meeting is mandated annually as a way for Critical Access Hospitals like ours to review all services and see if something needs to be added or changed to better meet the needs of our patients. On a personal note, it's also a really nice way to get to know the other departments better and enjoy their positive energy, humor and good ideas for continued success. But Thursday's meeting was interesting because it took our "paper" concept of patient care to the pavement, so to speak. During the meeting, a man poked his head in the door and asked if there was an administrator present. Jim Parrish jumped up to help, and pretty soon, there were a half dozen people in the hallway trying to find solutions for this man's wife. Pretty soon, the group outside rejoined the meeting, but it was crazy how invigorated everyone felt. It's one thing to talk about good patient care; it's another to deliver it in its most personal, individualized way. We were all so grateful that the right people were there at the right time that night to help this couple. But actually, every patient gets that kind of care. It might take a few more minutes to gather the team, but they'll come, and when they do, each patient will get that very personal, very individualized care. Thursday was just a great reminder of how true that is.