Hospital Donation Will Help Sophomores Explore Future Careers

Humboldt General Hospital is one of several generous donors who are trying to ensure that Humboldt County students complete their high school education and continue on to a college or university.

The Explore Your Future (EYF) project was designed by the Winnemucca Futures Community Capacity Team. The project challenges sophomore students at Lowry High School to earn the opportunity to join a group field trip to the University of Nevada, Reno, Truck Meadows Community College or the Great Basin College campus in Elko on April 15.

Sue Hawkins, one of the team leaders with the project, said students must complete homework assignments and attend three workshops at Lowry High School before earning a place on the field trip bus.

The hope, she said, is that as youth "walk across the campus, smell the grass, touch the buildings and see the amazing diversity of students in the student union, the library, the laboratories, classrooms, and sports facilities, they will become inspired to become a part of the unique social and learning environment that is provided by continuing their education."

On Wednesday, March 13, HGH CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish gathered with other donor representatives and the entire Lowry High School sophomore class to take a group photo.

"That was really fun," said a smiling Parrish following the event. What will make the CEO smile even more, though, is to see sophomore students take advantage of the EYF project now, and higher education later.

"Hospitals are always in recruitment mode because there always seems to be a shortage of the highly skilled personnel that we need," he said.

Parrish said the reason why Humboldt General Hospital chose to donate $1,000 toward the Winnemucca Futures project was to encourage local youth to seek higher education in the hope that some may return to Humboldt County one day and join the hospital staff.

"We love our hometown employees," he said. "They bring a special knowledge and care to our hospital, and we would love to see more of our local youth join our ranks in the coming years."

Explore Your Future is a project of the Humboldt Development Authority. More information is available by calling HDA representative Bill Sims at (775) 623-1064 or Winnemucca Futures Community Capacity Team Leader Carrie Stringham at (775) 304-8314.

Humboldt General Hospital CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish may be reached at (775) 623-5222, ext. 123.