How Embarrassing

So the other day, Humboldt General Hospital received a phone call from the City of Winnemucca. It appears that one of the City's workers was doing some maintenance at City Park when he noticed an unseemly area filled with cigarette butts . . . the same area that some of HGH's smoking employees have been known to frequent. He was worried about the message that pile of garbage would send to the Little League athletes who will soon be using those facilities on a daily basis. The City wondered if HGH could try to do a little better. Yuk. How embarrassing. Well, the word went out like wildfire and, within minutes, EMS was on scene to start the clean-up effort. The results were great, and we thank EMS for stepping up. The sad part, though, is we shouldn't have received that phone call and there shouldn't have been that mess at City Park. I'm sure those employees wouldn't throw their candy bar wrapper on the ground; what about their coffee cup? Then, why their cigarette garbage? We can do better. Let's step it up, if not for ourselves, for the kids. That's not the kind of example we want to share.