Welcome, Dr. Laws

We have a new resident on campus. Craig R. Laws, M.D. is a second-year family medicine resident who is completing his 2012-2013 Rural Rotation with Dr. Brad Granath. He'll be serving and learning in our community from March 11 through April 5. Dr. Granath was recently named the Rural Nevada Family Physician of the Year, so obviously he is a great choice to mentor Dr. Laws. But what's more, Dr. Granath LOVES being a faculty member with the University of Nevada School of Medicine, and that's going to make Dr. Laws' experience at HGH even more special. Dr. Granath recently told us: "That's one of the things I'm most proud of, being a teacher of family practice residents right here in our community. Training doctors in a rural setting is the best way for them to try out the role of a small town doc. When they see how great it can be, many more decide that is exactly what they want." Dr. Granath and Dr. Laws are going to make a great team for the next month. When you see Dr. Laws, be sure to welcome him to Winnemucca!