You Made Our Day

So we have these places on the website where people can share comments, suggestions, complaints or questions. It's a great way for us to communicate with the community day or night; it's also a great way to receive feedback. Most of the time, people's comments send us running for more information or to discussions on how we can revise our processes and better serve our patients. But every once in a while, some kind soul simply shares something positive. And we can't tell you how lucky we feel when that happens. It's like getting a whole bowl of Lucky Charms marshmallows . . . just the green clovers, in fact. So we were totally tickled the other day to get the following email. Check it out:

"Visited your Walk-In-Clinic........what a pleasant experience. Very friendly and efficient staff and Dr. Wilson was a riot. You are definitely doing things right.........THANKS for the positive experience."

There was a little more to the message, but we don't want to compromise any privacy. Still, the email was so sweet and the best part? The final word was followed by about 37 exclamation points. Now that's ending on a positive note! Thank you, kind commenter. We know it took you some time to log onto our site, find a place to comment and share your thoughts, but it made our day. Really, it did.

P.S. And we agree about Dr. Wilson. Best. Smile. Ever.