2013 Nightingale Nurse of the Year

Did you hear the news? Robyn Dunckhorst has been named the 2013 Humboldt General Hospital Nightingale Nurse of the Year. Robyn was one of nine ladies vying for the award. Her co-nominees included Tina Maestrejuan, Denice Bauer, Charlotte Bailey, Lisa Davis, Linda Goodale, Jacqueline Dalley, Bertha Higbee and Candice Hotz, and each would have brought honor and integrity to the award for their dedication to professional nursing at HGH. Chief Nursing Officer Darlene Bryan shared some bits and pieces from Robyn's nominations and it's evident that this lady is not only a spectacular nurse, but a great educator as well, taking a lead role in the hospital's preceptor program, which trains new recruits on-the-job. The nominations also painted a picture of an RN who literally doesn't sit still, but is constantly trying to fill her time with good works that will eventually heighten patient care. In fact, that was another thing that stood out to us. Not only is Robyn a patient and faithful nurse educator, she is a dedicated patient educator, always making sure those in her charge understand their role in the healing process. Robyn was presented with a plaque and some beautiful flowers by HGH CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish during a luncheon for all nursing staff last Thursday. Jim didn't know who the winner of the award was until he announced it. He said he was surprised, but also very pleased. Robyn has been a stellar example of "taking care of those in need" and we will be proud to add her name to the board of past recipients of this prestigious award.