A Real Community Hero

We've all seen heroes on TV and in the movies. They're larger than life people with huge muscles, no fear and, it seems, everything in the world going their way. What about the guy who's just driving down the highway when he sees someone in need and stops to help? Does he qualify as a hero? Humboldt General Hospital thinks so. At our last board meeting, on April 23, the Humboldt County Hospital District Board of Trustees awarded their first "HGH Humanity Award" to Tim Topliff. Tim did just that: he saw someone in need and stopped to render aid . . . in this case, CPR. Board Chairman Moe Hanzlik has worked with EMS for 25 years. He said he can't count the number of times he showed up on scene and some kind community resident had stopped to render aid before the ambulance arrived. Moe said he feels badly now that he never did anything to recognize those folks. But he's going to change that, now, with this award. EMS will be on the lookout for community do-gooders and hopefully we'll be able to spread a lot more recognition throughout the community. Great job, Tim. We appreciate your kindness and willingness to help. And great job, Moe, for taking gratitude to this new level.