HGH Employees Honored for Years of Service

Earlier this month, nearly two dozen hospital employees were honored for 175 years of combined service to Humboldt General Hospital.

In all, 21 employees from a wide range of departments gathered in the hospital's Sarah Winnemucca conference room on Tuesday, May 14, to be honored for five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service respectively.

Each honoree received a years of service pin, a box of chocolates and a small bouquet of flowers. The short ceremony followed a delicious lunch provided by the hospital's kitchen.

Humboldt General Hospital CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish told the gathered group that he has worked in healthcare for 39 years, at all levels.

"All the employees here are the best group I've ever worked with," he said. "We really appreciate your service, and you're doing a great job."

Parrish said that medical positions can be tough to fill because of their highly specialized nature. Once filled, longevity also tends to be an industry problem, "which makes this kind of gathering all the more special," he said. "Our employees have made a commitment to their positions and we are very grateful for that. Experience makes a huge difference for us."

Humboldt General Hospital's 2013 "Years of Service" award recipients include:

Five Years - Arlene Bradshaw, ER; Michelle Chadwell, Med/Surg; Carol Driscoll, Med/Surg; Pamala Hope, Business Office; Ellen Krege, Long-Term Care; Dr. Shouping Li, Physician Services; Melissa Lopez, HR/Payroll; Pamela McKeever, EMS; Angela Putvain-Blanco, OB; Heather Shearer, Radiology; Maria Vera, Housekeeping/Laundry; Ken Whittaker, EMS; Pamela Wickkiser, Radiology; 10 Years - Maria Alcaraz, Housekeeping/Laundry; Jose Barajas, Housekeeping/Laundry; Lovelle Brown, Long-Term Care; Angela Mendoza, Housekeeping/Laundry; Alicia Mora, Housekeeping/Laundry; 15 Years - Tammy Loveland, Radiology; 20 Years - Dave Simsek, Pharmacy; and, 25 Years - Shauna Barsanti, Business Office.

For more information, please call Humboldt General Hospital at (775) 623-5222, ext. 1123, or visit www.hghospital.ws.