HGH Really Loves Kids

If you haven't noticed yet, HGH loves kids. It's pretty obvious when a new baby is on his or her way home. There are always lots of stops for oohs and aahs. Toddlers get special attention and a "Huggy" doll if there's one hanging around. We even like teenagers. In fact, we especially like teenagers because they're in such an exceptional period of growth and development. And it's neat when we're able to influence a few things here and there to help get things moving in the right direction for them. Jim Parrish, our CEO, is always asking what more we can do for the community, especially for our youth. He's worried about risky behaviors and he wants HGH to make a difference. We just finished the "Every 15 Minutes" program at the high school, HGH has funded the "Anti-Bullying Night Walk" that will take place this weekend for LHS and McDermitt, we're gearing up for our free physicals this summer, there's a kids health fair that's in the making and, just last week, Jim OK'd funding the remaining expenses for an eighth-grade end-of-year dance at the junior high. His question, though, was: How does this help kids? Well, first thing is it's a safe place for kids to celebrate their graduation from junior high school. Second, if the money for the dance doesn't materialize from somewhere, it's going to come out of parents' pockets and with high school expenses looming in the future, we weren't in favor of that. But perhaps the biggest reason this helps kids is it helps them see that people care. HGH isn't a thing, it's a community. That money doesn't come out of thin air; it's a combined donation on behalf of all community residents that says, "We care about you. We want you to have a good time and celebrate your accomplishments. We want you to use this as a springboard for even better things at the high school. And, we are here to support you and guide you and help you along the way." Pretty cool what our combined caring can do! Have a great time, kids. We're excited for this milestone in your lives.