KTVN at Humboldt General

We were a little apprehensive the other day. KTVN Channel 2 News was at the hospital and we considered all the rumors that might fly regarding their visit. Just to assure everyone, it was a very good thing and a blessing to one very special local organization. As many of you might know, Humboldt General Hospital is the primary sponsor of The LaRena Smith Bengoa Run, Ride or Walk for the Cure. Our 11th annual race is coming up quick, on Saturday, May 11. It's an important event for this community because the proceeds from each year's race are used throughout the coming year to help victims of cancer in Humboldt and Lander counties; in fact, each person who applies (quick, quick application) gets $1,500 to help with travel expenses, medication, whatever. So, the more people who participate, the more money there is to distribute to those in need. This year, we have been more aggressive in getting the word out about the foundation, and that's where KTVN comes in. The LaRena's Race Foundation gave KTVN a call and, unbelievably, they showed up with a camera crew and did a great story on the organization and the upcoming race. It was awesome. We've included the link here. Check it out when you have a minute. More importantly, join us in a week for the race. You'll be glad you did.