Nightingale Nominees

We have quite a field of nominees for this year's "Nightingale Nurse of the Year Award." In all, nine special ladies have been chosen to compete for the "Lady of the Lamp" honor, for the way they illuminate the art of nursing at Humboldt General Hospital. This year's nominees include: Tina Maestrejuan, Lisa Davis, Robyn Dunckhorst, Bertha Higbee, Candice Hotz, Charlotte Bailey, Denice Bauer, Jacqueline Dalley and Linda Goodale. The 2013 winner will be announced at a special awards luncheon for the entire nursing staff on Thursday, May 9. The lucky person will join two past recipients, Diane Nevis and Pam Ruark, as members of this prestigious award group. Congratulations to all these dedicated nurses for their kind, compassionate and skilled care at HGH! We're so happy you are being recognized.