Robin, Our Unsung Hero

We were cleaning out some papers from earlier this year when we happened on this little jewel from our Skilled Nursing Facility. Last December, SNF Nurse Manager Robin Gillis "tattled" on Robin Moore, Harmony Manor's activity assistant. Robin Gillis said SNF's activity director was on vacation so it was left to Robin Moore to plan, decorate and transport the residents to (and into) the Chamber of Commerce's Parade of Lights, held early each December, in the Harmony van. Robin Gillis said, "She had some residents assist with the decorating of the van on the Friday prior, but they were too cold to stay outside long so Robin took the van home and was up til the wee hours on Friday night (at her own home, on her own time) decorating it with lights and banners and all kinds of stuff. When she went to bring the van back to Harmony to load the residents, it wouldn't start and none of the lights would work. She tried several options (maintenance, neighbors, etc.) but no one was available. Her husband came home later and got the van going; however, the lights still didn't work. She then had to take all the decorations off, come back to town and tell the residents that she could take them to see the parade but they couldn't be in it." Robin G. said the residents, of course, were very disappointed and Robin M. felt completely awful, shedding plenty of tears. "I know she tried above and beyond to make this happen for the residents (as she does with everything they do in activities) and just to see her that disappointed and feeling like she let the residents down shows me she is doing this because she truly cares and most definitely not 'just for a paycheck,'" said Robin G. What a beautiful demonstration of caring at Harmony Manor. Thanks, Robin Moore, for your exceptional example!