The Message

The 11th annual LaRena Smith Bengoa Run, Ride or Walk for the Cure took place on Saturday morning at French Ford Middle School. It was already hot by the time folks started arriving at 8:30 a.m. but they didn't seem to mind. They were there to send a message to their friends and neighbors and family members. Some teams donned brightly colored t-shirts in celebration of those who have fought the battle against cancer and won; others wore their t-shirts in memory of those who have lost, including young Cody Nielson who finished his "race" against cancer last year. The morning was touching and fun and filled with smiles and laughs, but plenty of tears too. Cancer stinks, and everyone feels it. We're not sure how many people showed up, probably around 300. But by the time the 5-milers were back and everyone had had their fair share of water and snacks and beautiful silent auction items, the LaRena's Race team tallied the numbers and walla, this year's event in Winnemucca was nearing $25,000; that doesn't include Battle Mountain's race, which was held at the same time. That could bring in thousands more. Every penny of that money will go toward cancer victims in the Humboldt and Lander county areas. Each applicant will get $1,500 after filling out one page of information and including a doctor's diagnosis for cancer. It's that simple. But recipients don't just get money, they also get a message that goes something like this: We care! You are not alone. Our entire community is behind you and supporting you. You have value and we will help you fight. It was at least 90 degrees on Saturday as our last folks came in. That's hot. But it couldn't have been any hotter than the hearts who came to send that message. Thanks everyone. And thanks to EMS for donating their Saturday morning to making sure everyone was safe. Our crews were so kind and so accommodating. You made a difference by being there. But then again, everyone did. Every single person. Thanks for coming and sharing that message.