Years of Service Congrats!

We held a special luncheon yesterday for those who complete years of service milestones this year. In all, 21 people were honored for 175 years of combined service. Everyone received a service pin, a box of chocolates and an HGH mug filled with flowers. Those were small tokens, really, in exchange for loyalty. In this day and age, when people sometimes change jobs at the rate they change their underwear, it really is something special to honor a person who has chosen to stick with the same organization for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. We just want to give a little shout-out to this year's honorees. Thanks for sticking with HGH! Five Years - Arlene Bradshaw, Michelle Chadwell, Carol Driscoll, Pamala Hope, Ellen Krege, Dr. Shouping Li, Melissa Lopez, Pamela McKeever, Angela Putvain-Blanco, Heather Shearer, Maria Vera, Ken Whittaker, Pam Wickkiser; 10 Years - Maria Alcaraz, Jose Barajas, Lovelle Brown, Angela Mendoza, Alicia Mora; 15 Years - Tammy Loveland; 20 Years - Dave Simsek; and, 25 Years - Shauna Barsanti.