HGH Heightens Security of Mother and Baby Unit

Humboldt General Hospital's Obstetrics Department is increasing its efforts to ensure the safety of newborn infants.

Beginning Monday, November 25, the hospital's Mother and Baby Unit will be locked to the public. Only those with authorization will be able to enter the department.

According to OB Nurse Manager Linda Goodale, a newly installed intercom system will allow for communication between staff and guests.

"We are a community hospital," said Goodale of the latest security measures, "and we want our community members to feel good here and to feel like they are welcome."

However, Goodale said that infant security concerns have necessitated a shift in the department's policy.

"We have not had any issues to date with the security of our infants," she said.

Still, the nurse manager said she and her staff members have felt that now is the time to take precautionary measures.

"These are our youngest and most vulnerable patients," she said of infants born within the unit. "Reno hospitals have had some security breaches in their OB units, and we are just taking the necessary measures now to ensure that our infants will always be safe and protected."

In addition to the latest lockdown measures, mothers and their newborns are also fitted with matching and bar-coded identification bands, which are verified by any staff members who interact with the newborns.

Goodale said the hospital will continue to monitor its practices in order to provide the most comprehensive infant security system possible.

For more information, please call the Humboldt General Hospital Mother and Baby Unit at (775) 623-5222, ext. 1268.