Rampart Thanks

Check out these kind comments that came from one of this year's patients at Rampart, HGH EMS Rescue's mobile hospital unit at Burning Man 2013: Hello, My name is Dandi and this year i broke my wrist in BRC. When it happened someone who was part of med staff walked me to the right med tent to get an x-ray. I was blown away by the kindness and professionalism in there. I wish they were in the hospitals everywhere! Between the tweekers, the bleeders and the broken people like me the staff had perma-smiles on them. Allowing me to crack jokes to them as I was crying. When i returned to my home (Austin TX) i went to a clinic (I don't have health insurance) and they were not as good as BRC staff! they made me cut my splint off and then used the splint again and wrapped it up with WIDE ace bandage the wrong way (I'm a lifeguard so i know a little bit about wrapping). I just wanted to say thank you guys fore the AMAZING med tent, it was better than other hospitals and the cripple friends i made in that tent thought the same. I hope you all had an amazing burn, you guys certainly helped me and kept my chin up the whole time. thank you and love you, dandelion olsen ps- excuse the typos I'm doing it with one hand. Our photo: Thanks to HGH Administrative Director Pat Songer for sending us this photo. It's cool.