A Little Irritated

We have to admit we have been getting a little irritated at comments being made on the Silver Pinyon Journal, an online news source in our community. Dee Holzel, the editor, wrote a story entitled, "Hospital Grapples with Gauging Public Perception." The story was really well written and fairly captured what happened during one portion of our board meeting on August 27, when board member Kevin Chatfield had some questions about how the hospital tries to educate its public. How ironic that a story about the difficulty of educating a public largely unwilling to listen is now playing out in the comment section of that story. The comments range from "HGH sucks" (now that's intelligent and forward thinking) to comments about how we duped the public by saying we had the biggest and most accommodating MRI in the State of Nevada (at the time we bought it, we absolutely did. Ask General Electric. They'll tell you). The latest ones today are about how we run a "commie" institution where it seems that nobody gets treated well, and that Elko seems to have the lock on exceptional patient care. Those kinds of comments are not only ridiculous, they exhaust us. How do you "educate" a child about something when they put their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and yell, "La, la, la, la, la!" It's hard, to say the least. Sometimes that how we feel when we're dealing with a public that already has their mind made up. For some of those folks, their vision of the hospital has not changed in 50 years; meanwhile, the hospital we run today isn't even the same as it was 10 years ago. We have the most advanced equipment, fine physicians and nurse practitioners, an amazingly caring and dedicated staff, a supportive administration and board--and that all combines to create one of the finest rural hospitals in the country. But for some reason, some folks won't take their fingers out of their ears to hear the good news. We're sorry for them, because they truly are missing out on an exceptional patient care experience.