Ice Cream Coincidence at Hospital Provides Good Laugh for All

Every once in a while, it's good to have some ice cream—especially in the morning.

At least that was the thought of Humboldt General Hospital's surgical staff when they met their boss recently with spoons in hand and bibs around their neck proclaiming: "I love free ice cream."

They weren't actually expecting to get any "free ice cream" on August 9, the day of their planned staff meeting with HGH Chief Nursing Officer Darlene Bryan, but they got the surprise of their lives when she walked in with all her dairy supplies and toppings in hand.

The story began several months ago when HGH's nursing leaders treated their staff members to an ice-cream social. Some members of the OR staff didn't get in on the tasty offerings, however, due to their surgery schedule, so Bryan promised a second chance, which she made good on a few days later. Now, fast forward three months.

August 9, Bryan had a staff meeting with the OR crew. As she arrived home from work the night before that meeting, she said she had a thought that she should go get ice cream and take it to the staff the next day.

She said she tried to dismiss the thought as ridiculous, especially since the meeting was in the morning, but the thought persisted, so she trekked to the store and bought all the supplies for a complete ice-cream feast the next day.

Imagine her surprise and delight when the OR crew (not knowing anything about her previous night's trip to the store) was ready and waiting (as pictured) with their "I love free ice cream" signs and spoons in hand.

Bryan said it was such an amazing coincidence, she couldn't believe it. She was so grateful to have listened to that little inner voice.

"I would have felt so bad to show up without ice cream," she said.

The OR staff, for their part, was more than thrilled to breakfast on ice cream—not such a bad thing, according to Bryan, especially for a hospital crew that begins their days well before the sun comes up.

# # #

Pictured from left to right are: Regina Gatlin, scrub tech; Sarah Steepleton, unit secretary; Jackie Gonzalez, RN; Juan Pederson, scrub tech; Wally Diamond, RN; Stephanie Stinnett, RN; Dee Medlin, RN; Sandy Naes, RN/Interim OR Manager; Lourdes Grajeda, scrub tech; and Melissa Pederson, central processing tech.